Transformative Recruitment for a Global Resilience Risk Leadership Role in a Major International Bank

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In a world where risk is a multifaceted concept extending beyond financials, our client, a leading international bank, sought an individual who could lead their Global Operational and Resilience Risk (ORR) function. This high-profile and influential role required a nuanced understanding of not just Operational Risk but also the burgeoning area of Resilience Risk, covering Contingency Risk, Buildings Unavailability, Physical Security, and Workplace Safety. Belvedere Recruitment distinguished itself by delivering a recruitment process that was unmatched in both its efficiency and effectiveness.

The Challenge

  • To identify a candidate who could serve as a change agent, capable of transforming the bank’s ORR model and ensuring that the institution stays in control of its non-financial risk position.
  • To find a candidate that fits into the complex organizational culture of an international bank and can engage effectively with senior stakeholders across multiple time zones.

What Sets Belvedere Apart

Specialized Focus: Unlike general recruitment agencies, Belvedere specializes in Risk and Regulatory Compliance, with over a decade’s history in the financial industry.

Global Network: Our international footprint offers us access to a pool of global talent, crucial for a client with a worldwide presence.

Consultative Approach: We don’t just fill roles; we provide high-level consulting skills, allowing us to deeply understand the strategic goals of the client and ensure that we find candidates who can help fulfil those ambitions.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Needs Assessment: We initiated an in-depth dialogue with the client to comprehend the multi-faceted nature of the role, including the intricacies of non-financial risk management.

Skill Mapping and Global Search: We tailored our proprietary selection tools to target candidates with proven leadership skills in Operational and Resilience Risk.

Advanced Vetting Processes: Our screening included complex scenario-based interviews, designed to mimic the challenges the selected candidate would face in their new role.

Continuous Engagement: Constant communication with the client enabled us to refine our search dynamically, ensuring alignment with the institution’s evolving requirements.

Onboarding and Transition: Post-hiring, we facilitated an efficient onboarding process, ensuring a smooth cultural and operational integration for the candidate.


  • Strategic Fit: The selected candidate was not just technically proficient but also a strategic fit, able to engage with C-suite stakeholders across various 1LOD functions.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Through our tailored search and advanced vetting, we were able to reduce the time-to-hire by 25% compared to industry standards.
  • Cultural Alignment: Given our deep understanding of the client’s organizational culture and goals, the candidate integrated seamlessly into their new role.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The new hire immediately contributed to the bank’s risk management processes, successfully interfacing with regulators and industry bodies regarding non-financial risk and policy developments.


Belvedere Recruitment stands apart through its specialized focus, consultative approach, and deep industry knowledge. These unique attributes enabled us to provide the client with a candidate who was not just a fit for the role but also a transformative leader. Our partnership goes beyond mere recruitment, aligning strongly with the strategic goals of the institution, thereby contributing to its global success.

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