Global Head of Controls, Chief Technology Office (CTO)

Ref: BLVJ03497
Location: Krakow, Poland
Type: Permanent

Elevate Your Leadership: A Pivotal Role Awaits You in the Dynamic World of Global Controls

Embark on an Unparalleled Leadership Journey

A well-renowned international bank, deeply rooted in a rich history of facilitating worldwide financial prosperity, invites you to steer the helm of their technological risk and control functions as the Global Head of Controls, Chief Technology Office (CTO).

Your Role at a Glance

In the nexus of technology, risk, and global finance, your leadership will sculpt the paradigm of operational risk and control management across the bank’s global technology fronts. With a panoramic view of our control’s environment, you will synergize with cross-functional teams, establish fortressed risk governance, and infuse a spirited culture of robust risk management across the technological landscape.

Global Impact, Local Presence

Located in the enchanting city of Krakow, your influence will reverberate across there global operations. Your strategic intellect will cascade through their technology corridors, ensuring the controls frameworks are not only compliant but also pioneers in establishing industry benchmarks.

Why This Role? Why Now?

Lead at the Forefront: Drive strategic risk-based outcomes globally, intertwining your expertise with our Chief Technology Office to craft, inform, and guide pivotal risk and control initiatives impacting the group.

Strategic Oversight: Your purview will traverse through robust risk governance, end-to-end control assurance reviews, and the consistent evolution of a fortified risk management culture within the technology realms.

Stakeholder Influence: Forge and fortify relationships, becoming a pivotal point of convergence between various Lines of Defence, Technology units, and Control functions, safeguarding the banks technological advancements with resolute control environments.

How You Will Elevate the banks Strategy

Control Mastery: Apply your seasoned expertise in cybersecurity and infra tech controls, aligning strategic control mechanisms with the bank’s global technology visions.

Adapt & Innovate: In an era where financial technology is perpetually evolving, your ability to adapt, predict, and mould the banks control strategies to fit the dynamic landscape will be paramount.

Risk & Governance Pro: As a seasoned professional in performing risk and control reviews, your insights will sharpen the bank’s approach towards mitigating and governing operational risks.

Intricate Yet Seamless Leadership Challenges Await

Craft & Rectify: Your leadership will stretch beyond managing. It will delve into crafting policies, influencing strategic implementations, and rectifying systemic issues to enhance the risk and control matrix.


Team Catalyst: Not just leading but transforming a team into a powerhouse of risk management experts, propelling them to enact change and assure control across the technological sphere.

Embark with this International Bank

Your journey with a well-renowned international bank will be both challenging and rewarding, charting through the intricacies of global control frameworks while steering the bank’s technology units towards secure, compliant, and innovative horizons.

This is not merely a position; it’s a voyage where your leadership, expertise, and innovative approach in global controls will carve out the future trajectory of the bank’s technological endeavours.

Connect with Us

Seize this opportunity to lead, influence, and craft the future of technological controls in the global banking landscape. Let’s explore together how your leadership can elevate the banks global controls strategy, sculpting a future where technology and control coalesce into a fortress of innovation and security.

Your expertise is the key to unlocking our client’s future in a world of secure technological advancements.

Apply now and let’s forge this future, together.

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Job reference: BLVJ03497


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