Global Head of Controls Technology Wholesale

Location: Krakow, Poland
Type: Permanent

In the intricate and pulsating world of global finance, safeguarding technological frameworks against risk has never been more critical. Here lies a unique, senior-level opportunity that melds technological expertise, strategic leadership, and robust risk management into a role of global influence and impactful foresight.

🔐 Your Objective:

As the Global Head of Controls Technology Wholesale, you embark on a mission where your profound insights into technology controls and operational risk will steer a global banking powerhouse through the multifaceted universe of wholesale technology and risk. Your strategic decisions will cascade through the bank’s operations worldwide, ensuring technological innovations are securely anchored within a fortress of meticulously crafted controls and risk protocols.

About the Project:

  • Strategic Leadership Within a Chief Control Office (CCO): Ensure the bank operates within its risk appetite by guiding risk and control management with proficient operational risk expertise, ensuring a stringent and resilient control environment.
  • Evolving a Culture: Breed a culture that revolves around continuous and robust risk management, marrying technological advancements with absolute security and regulatory compliance.
  • Global CCO Activities: Navigate through the intricate world of global risk, ensuring your strategies and directives in risk and control flow through every vein of our Wholesale Technology operations, embodying a coherent and unified approach to risk management across every operational facet.

Key Pillars of Your Role:

  • Leadership That Echoes Globally: Your vision will permeate through global operations, fashioning a control environment that is not only steadfast but also adaptable to the rapid evolution within the technological and financial landscapes.
  • Innovative Strategy and Global Influence: Your strategies will meld technological innovation with strict control environments, ensuring a seamless, secure experience across all operational facets.
  • Transformation and Influence: Pioneer a transformation within the CCO Wholesale Technology team towards a value-based, outcome-focused approach, driving cultural change and instilling a solid foundation of integrated risk management.

Why Embark on This Journey:

  • Influence at a Global Scale: Drive strategies and decisions that safeguard technological operations across an international banking network, influencing global operations and directives.
  • Unleash Technological Innovations Safely: Be at the forefront, ensuring that technological advancements are rolled out with a shield of unparalleled security and risk control.
  • Develop Within a Dynamic Environment: Revel in an atmosphere that not only respects but also champions your professional and personal development.

You Will Thrive on:

  • A Palette of Global Influence: Your decisions will resonate across global technological operations, sculpting and refining the control environment and risk management strategies across the global banking network.
  • Strategic Visionary Leadership: Navigate global CCO activities, shaping and guiding risk and control strategies that not only align with, but also fortify, our comprehensive risk objectives.
  • Nurturing Innovation and Safety Symbiotically: Engage with and unleash state-of-the-art IT technologies, ensuring they are enwrapped with the most stringent and effective control environments.

Join the international bank and Navigate the Future of Global Financial Technology and Risk Management

Your unparalleled leadership and visionary approach in operational risk and control will sculpt the future of Wholesale Technology, ensuring innovations are securely woven into the fabric of our global operations. Lead us through the entwining paths of technological advancements and emerging risks, safeguarding and pioneering a future where our technological operations are not only innovative but also securely shielded from every potential threat.

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