Senior Expert, Basel III Reform

Location: Krakow
Type: Permanent

Unlock Unparalleled Opportunities in Basel III Reform in Krakow!

Elevate Your Career in a City Where History Meets Modernity!

Visualize playing a pivotal role at a globally renowned banking and financial institution, located in the magnificent city of Krakow, where rich history intertwines with a contemporary, dynamic lifestyle. This institution is not merely a bank but a global confluence of insightful financial expertise, cutting-edge technology, and an invigorating work culture that embodies integrity, respect, and a passion for shaping the international financial arena.

Why Choose this position? Why Krakow?

Your expertise in financial reporting and regulatory compliance will find its zenith at their world-class institution, where they actively mould the financial world with sagacity and innovative solutions. Positioned in the culturally and historically affluent city of Krakow, you are not only presented with a splendid fusion of medieval and modern but also an emerging epicentre for global businesses, especially in the BFSI sector.

Senior Expert, Basel III Reform (QIS) – Navigating Through the Epoch of Global Financial Reform

Embark on a journey through the intricate pathways of Basel III Reforms and QIS exercises, ensuring our institution remains a paragon of regulatory excellence and industry benchmarking. Your profound knowledge in regulatory reporting, unparalleled analytical skills, and a comprehensive understanding of PRA and diverse regulatory frameworks will be the keystone in managing credit and counterparty credit risk whilst upholding our practices’ integrity before global regulators.

 Your Imprint – Beyond Analytics and Compliance

  • Global Influence: Lead initiatives that reverberate through our global corridors, shaping credit and counterparty credit risk policies.
  • Regulatory Brilliance: Secure and elevate our stature and trust amidst global regulators, focusing on QIS exercises.
  • Leadership & Synergy: Collaborate with multifaceted teams across our global locations, fostering a seamless and effective operational flow.
  • Never-ending Learning: Stay abreast and implement the latest in regulatory developments and financial reporting.

A Work Culture That Celebrates You!

The global bank strives to create a work environment where your authentic self is celebrated. Their dynamic work culture, accompanied by a plethora of benefits like contributions to sports activities, private medical care, language classes, and more, is designed to enhance your professional and personal life. And don’t forget the joy of a no dress code policy and gaming at work!

Catapult Your Career to New Heights

We are not just offering a position; we extend an invitation to be part of a realm where your contributions are cherished, your innovations celebrated, and your career growth is paramount to the organization’s success. If regulatory financial reporting, profound analysis, and spearheading impactful projects resonate with your career goals, Krakow beckons your expertise with open arms.

Step Into a World of Opportunities – Your Next Exhilarating Professional Adventure Awaits!

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