Vice President – ESG and Climate Regulatory Policy

Location: Krakow
Type: Permanent

Seize an Unrivalled Opportunity in the Energetic Pulse of Krakow!

Immerse yourself in a role where your expertise becomes the compass navigating through the intricate realms of ESG and Climate Regulatory Policies at one of the world’s most prestigious and interconnected banking and financial services institutions. Situated in the spirited city of Krakow, a locale where historical charm meets contemporary Vigor, this institution transcends traditional banking, embodying a harmonious blend of profound financial sagacity, pioneering technology, and a work culture that is both vibrant and steeped in values of respect and integrity.

Vice President – ESG and Climate Regulatory Policy: Sculpting Sustainable Financial Futures

Step into a sphere where your proficiency in tracking, interpreting, and formulating ESG and Climate-related policy developments, particularly across Asia, becomes the linchpin in crafting detailed, pragmatic guidelines, influencing regulatory policy externally and ensuring thorough dissemination to a vast array of stakeholders.

Your Role: Bridging Sustainability and Regulatory Excellence

Navigating Regulatory Seas: Direct our navigation through the ever-evolving global regulatory frameworks with a keen eye on ESG and Climate Risk developments impacting disclosure and regulatory capital.

Leadership in ESG Dynamics: Spearhead the Group’s response to future regulatory progressions, formulating and articulating resilient and defendable interpretations of regulatory and non-financial reporting prerequisites.

Influential Policy Architect: Engage in thought leadership by scripting public responses to new proposed standards and discourse papers, actively shaping the external development of regulatory policy.

Core Competencies and the Krakow Edge

Unleashing Potential: Utilize your comprehensive knowledge related to ESG reporting and regulatory initiatives (such as TCFD, ISSB, PCAF, TNFD, Green taxonomies) to spearhead innovation and adherence in our ESG and Climate policy frameworks.

Mastering Regulatory Capital: Apply your in-depth understanding of rules related to the calculation of regulatory capital and RWA, coupled with the expertise in risk, regulatory, and accounting treatment of a vast range of products, to guide our global teams.

Work Culture & Benefits – Where You Are Valued and Celebrated

Step into an environment where your contributions go beyond the professional realm, with a smorgasbord of benefits from sharing the costs of sports activities, language classes, professional trainings, to life insurance, flexible working hours, remote work opportunities, and much more, all wrapped in a no dress code policy, ensuring a balance and enrichment in both your professional and personal spheres.

Elevate Your Journey with this international bank in Krakow

This is not merely a career offering but an invitation to be part of a realm where your capabilities are recognized, your ideas celebrated, and your professional growth integral to our collective success. Merge your journey with ours, and together, let’s sculpt a future where sustainable financial strategies are not just envisioned but enacted and lived.

Apply: Let’s Sculpt a Sustainable Financial Future, Together.

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