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Earn up to zł 20,000 in commission by referring a candidate to us!

With expert knowledge across Europe, we specialise in finding ideal candidates for mid-to-high-level positions in Poland. As a result, we are always keen to connect with talented professionals with select skills and experience. If you know of candidates seeking successful careers in Poland, we are always open to referrals.

We pride ourselves on constantly growing our professional network, which helps us access a wider pool of professional talent, as well as the high-level positions they are looking for. Whether you have employed a skilled individual or worked closely alongside them as a colleague, if you feel their abilities and experience are suited to the roles we promote, you can recommend them to our team.

At Belvedere, we are dedicated to sourcing talented professionals and matching them with rewarding roles that exceed their expectations. If you have a candidate in mind you would like to put forward, contact us today to refer them, and you could earn anywhere up to zł 20,000 in commission.

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