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Belvedere Recruitment is a European-focused recruitment agency rooted in Poland and the UK. We stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, skilfully navigating the ever-changing worlds of technology and finance. In addition to strengthening the foundations of finance, transformation, and risk management for our clients in the Financial Services industry, we are devoted to accelerating the development and success of Poland’s technology and analytics sectors.

Our mission is to empower both established financial institutions and burgeoning tech enterprises by sourcing top-tier talent for top-tier roles in software development, data science engineering, data and analytics, product management, systems engineering, analytics, finance, risk, and transformation. Belvedere Recruitment goes above and beyond to connect top companies with top talent by using their extensive industry knowledge in conjunction with cutting-edge search and selection technologies.

Our operations span the whole spectrum of technology, but our foundation is firmly in the financial services industry. We are able to provide organisations with all-encompassing support as they navigate the intricacies of finance, risk, and technology because of our unique positioning. Achieving strategic objectives and developing a culture of excellence are shared goals with Belvedere Recruitment, whether it’s pushing innovation in IT or navigating the complex landscapes of finance and risk management.

In an era of ever-increasing convergence between technology and financial services, our expertise goes beyond simply matching talent with opportunities; it also involves understanding the nuances of diverse industries and facilitating synergies that propel businesses forward. 

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